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I would like to nominate my husband Steven Pilate as a “Real Fathers,  Real Man.”

He’s had a tough four years. in 2009 he worked in management, which meant he had a lot of work duties, all while taking care of and providing for myself, our daughter, his mother, nephew and his other three children.  but still he smiled.  in 2010, i had neck surgery and have not worked since, making my husband the main provider. but still he smiled.

In 2011, he lost his job and we had to then live off his benefits and the mediocre jobs he was able to get.  Through all of this he still found the time to teach a class for his masonic lodge every Wednesday, burning the candle on all ends. but still he smiled.

In 2012, we moved back to my home town 947 miles away, because of my health problems, since being back home I’ve had two major surgeries including having both of my breast removed due to cancer  and still he manages to smile .

In fact, the only time he has not smiled is when he speaks to or views on his lodge brothers on Facebook in Atlanta.  I’ll ask him if he’s okay; he always says he’s fine. but, i can see his tears and feel his pain. He’s been his family’s rock and his lodges rock and deserves to keep smiling.