Real Fathers Real Men

12/15/15- Dear Tom, In 2006, my mom married my step-father, Jerome. My brothers and I had just arrived back in Memphis when she told us that she went on a date! My brothers and I did not like the sound of that at all! When she told us it was with Jerome, the only thing […]

12/08/15- Dear Tom, I would like to nominate my husband, Keith Cordier for your real father real man. Keith was born and raised in New Orleans. In 1982 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served three tours in japan. No matter where he was stationed, he kept up with his saints. In […]

12/01/15- Dear Tom, My husband Sheron has overcome tremendous odds from his youth. Today you couldn’t tell the life he led. After spending two years in college (NC A&T), he got himself into trouble and spent the rest of his 20’s incarcerated. He came home and we found each other at the right time. It’s […]

11/24/15- Dear Tom, Charlie is dad of four, two teen girls from a prior relationship and two toddler boys with me. During the day he works at the VA as a cook, waking up at 5am to get to work. When he leaves there, he goes to pick up the girls from High School to take them […]

11/17/15- Dear Tom, My husband Eric Rayfield is a wonderful, kind, loving father, and husband.  Though he struggle’s everyday with his health, because he is a disabled veteran and unable to work; he never allows that to get him down. Ten years ago we owned a restaurant, “big daddy’s smokehouse”, but do to blood clots […]

11/10/15- Dear Tom, Having 18 years clean and overcoming a lot of obstacles in life my father is the greatest hero yet. I was never the greatest child but my dad never have up on me or stop caring. When I was out there on drugs my dad didn’t over look me or judge me.   […]

11/03/15- Dear Tom, I am writing in about my son’s godfather. He has been in my son’s life since before he was born. my son is 8 years old and ever since he was five years old he and his wife Nikki, have flown him to Texas so that he can have one-on-one time with […]

Dear Tom, 10/27/15- I would like to nominate my husband for real fathers real men.  I met Edward 14 years ago. My first husband had passed away a little over a year earlier at the age of 29 from congestive heart failure leaving me as a 26 year old widow with four small children. My […]

10/20/15- Dear Tom, As an educator, I see firsthand daily how children are affected by the scarcity of black father’s in our community. This is why I would like to nominate my brother chef Michael Vaughn because he rocks! Our mother was a single parent, raised 8 children in one of the toughest housing projects […]

10/13/15- Dear Tom, My father is an overall outstanding man.  As a disabled, retired navy veteran, my father has spent his whole life taking care of and helping others. When my father was younger, he was an avid football player. He even gave up a chance to play in the NFL in order to be […]

10/06/15- Dear Tom, I would like to nominate my fiancée James Cook. When I first met him I was a single mother of 6 month old twin boys, working full time and studying full time at the University of Memphis. He immediately stepped in and took over the role of father to the twins.  He […]

9/29/15- Dear Tom, We would like to nominate our father Mr. Carlos Hightower Sr. Although he is not the biological father for most of us, he is every bit our father. He met our mother in 2002 through mutual friends.  And after being together for only one-year he proposed to our mom. Our mom took […]