Real Fathers Real Man

9/1/15- Dear Tom, My husband was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2011. The doctors told him if he didn’t come in a week earlier he would have been dead. In 2012, he received a kidney transplant.  During this process the doctors instructed him not to work. Despite the doctor’s orders, he still worked because we […]

  7/14/15- Dear Tom, The dictionary defines supreme as “the highest degree, quality, character, and importance.” I define it as my father — Nathan Young. My father has not only been exceptional to his three children, but also an active figure in his community.  For as long as I can remember, he’s always been there […]

08/26/14 – Click the link above to hear Tom donate $1,000 to the Michael Brown fund at Fifth Third Bank.

05/13/14- Dear Tom, I nominate my father Thomas Travis for Real Father Real Men, because he has tried for years to be the best dad that he could despite the stereotypes that surround him. My father’s lifelong dream is to have a successful barbershop, he’s tried so many times to get his barbershop growing, but […]

04/22/14- Dear Tom, Many would call my husband of 7 years an old soul. He maybe 25, but he is wise, and one of the most giving people I know. When I found out that my nephew was in a bad situation at home he actually went and filed for custody with me and he […]

04/01/14 – Dear Tom, I would like to recognize my husband and best friend Anthony Cooper. He is the father of three beautiful children. He is a mechanic and musician. Back in October suffered a 6cm Achilles tendon tear playing basketball in the park. Due to the severity of the injury he gradually lost hours […]

03/18/14- Dear Tom, I met Devin five years ago on Beale Street during the Southern Heritage weekend classic. I was just there for the music, the food, the fun – I just wanted to be in the crowd. That’s where he saw me and i saw him. We met and hit it off.  In getting […]

Today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner is Michael Gilbert.

Today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner is Mark Jennings.

Today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner is Gary Bullock who will be heading to Comic-con.

Today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner is Perry Hughes out Mississippi.

Today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner is John Guillory.