This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

The five living U.S. Presidents got together yesterday for the dedication of the George W. Bush Library.  Standing together were President Obama, President Clinton, President George H.W. Bush, President Carter and then President George W. Bush.  If they were a poker hand they would be four kings and a joker.

Cleveland Browns linebacker Quentin Groves was arrested in a police sting and charged with attempting to solicited a prostitute.  Now what Quentin Groves asked the prostitute for is very graphic.  So let me put it in a football term.  He agreed to pay $100 to shoot the gap and blitz her right up the middle.  Plus he wanted some facemask.  And for an additional $20 he was going to hit her from the blind side.

And in Connecticut a man was arrested after he stole $10,000 worth of chicken wings from a poultry warehouse.  And what I want to do is address the racist thoughts that some of our Caucasian listeners are having right now.  Many of you white folks are assuming that just because the crime was stealing chicken wings that the culprit was black.  I say that as Americans you must not allow yourself to give in to such racial profiling and bigoted stereotypes that continue to separate us as a nation.  And with that said, yes, he was black.

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