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O.J. Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping but that did not stop him from throwing a party.

According to reports, Simpson threw a Superbowl party in his prison cell in celebration of the big game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.

Simpson, unlike many other inmates, has a personal TV in his cell which he bought in the jail’s store. Any inmate can own a TV, but they are pricey, so typically only people who can afford the extra expense have them.

Equipped with a TV, Simpson invited 12 of his closest prison friends over to his 80-square-foot cell to watch the game.

No word on what snacks Simpson provided.

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4 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Threw a Superbowl Party in his Cell

  1. You can actually, “Invite” other prisioners to YOUR cell? What kind of jail is this?? 80 square foot cell, is that larger than a regular jail cell?? Sounds like he is chillin at the crib instead of in jail!!

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