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Anyone who has shed a significant amount of weight knows that the worst part of taking it off is the dreaded plateau.

It’s that place where after dropping pounds like unwanted suitors, you suddenly can’t shake them off. It’s where it is easy to get discouraged and give up and begin that long, slow creep back to where you started.

But Dr. Ian Smith, who has helped many TJMS listeners and readers get rid of unwanted pounds and keep them off in the 50 Million Pound Challenge, has taken weight loss a step further with his SHRED diet.

Starting with tweeting daily diet tips from his SHRED plan to his followers, his messages went viral. The average weight loss has been 20 pounds in just six weeks and the plan has been praised as affordable, easy to follow and to swallow.

Smith’s book, SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet—Six Weeks, Four Inches, Two Sizes integrates all of his dieting tools into one plan. It combines a low glycemic diet, meal spacing and replacements over six weeks. It allows dieters to graze, eating six smaller meals and snacks over the course of the day, instead of three squares a day, allowing the body to better process food intake.

One key element of the program is “diet confusion,” in which the meal plan tricks the body to rev up its performance, the same way physical workouts must be varied to get maximum results.

The SHRED program features an element each week, which ultimately work in concert:

•    Prime prepares you for the rest of the plan, focusing on meal spacing, proper snacking techniques, and suppressing hunger without consuming too many calories.

•    Challenge is a confidence booster, showing dieters that despite past failures or plans they thought would be too difficult, they actually have what it takes to succeed.

•    Transformation, the toughest week, a critical seven days where most shredders start truly noticing a difference, many dropping a clothing size

•    Ascend combines knowledge and skills of the first three weeks to keep dieters motivated and moving forward

•    Cleanse pays special attention to enhancing your liver’s ability to detoxify your blood.

•    Explode into your new life with the knowledge and skills you’ve developed.  The variety in the types and quantity of food and beverages keeps you moving along from one day to the next.

To order the book or for details on the program, visit Smith’s website, or follow him on Twitter.

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