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Step 2. Find ways to share life experiences together and play together. Once a week, enjoy a night of playing board games. Plan a visit to an amusement park. Families who are close and healthier tend to share a committment to spending quality time with each other.

Step 3. Establish and respect healthy boundaries. Boundaries help people to understand what they are and are not responsible for in the various aspects of their lives. For example, allowing your children to experience the natural consequences of their actions can help them to understand that, while they are not responsible for the actions of others, they are responsible for their own choices.

Step 4. Help encourage a healthier family lifestyle by embracing basic healthy habits every day, such as eating healthy meals, exercising, visiting the doctor regularly, practicing great hygiene habits and getting enough sleep.

With some patience and determination, a healthier, happier family can be your reality.

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