Lack of Action May Result In Divorce Dismissal For Khloe and Lamar For 1 Night On Stage, Embattled Cosby His Old Self
Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry and One Direction Big Winners At American Music Awards
‘Queen Latifah Show’ Cancelled After [Almost] Two Seasons
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Little Known Black History Facts

Little Known Black History Fact: Marion Barry Little Known Black History Fact: George Branham III
Little Known Black History Fact: Ivy Taylor
Little Known Black History Fact: Alain Locke
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Gossip Gallery: Taraji Needs A Cuddle Buddy, Dave Chappelle Bought Drugs From Idris?, Woman Claims Neyo’s Music Gave Her Seizures
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Ferguson Grand Jury More Unpredictable Than We Thought


NYPD Says Shooting Of Unarmed Brooklyn Man “An Accident,” Family Seeks Answers Boy, 12, With Fake Gun Shot Dead By Police In Cleveland
NYPD Shoots and Kills ‘Innocent,’ Unarmed Black Man In Apartment Stairwell
Former DC Mayor Marion Barry dies at 78
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President Obama: ‘Hillary Clinton Would Make A Great President’ Wait, What? Sephora Accused of Racially Profiling Asian Customers Online
Woman With Gun Arrested Outside White House
Beauty Queen Double Murder Shocks Country Numb To Violence
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For 1 Night On Stage, Embattled Cosby His Old Self

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) — The protesters didn’t show, the would-be hecklers didn’t take the bait, the weeks of headlines about sexual assaults disappeared and Bill…


Life & Style

Money Mondays: Charitable Giving During The Holiday Season

  Mellody is president of Ariel investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds and…


HBCU Football Wrap-Up Week 13: All Tied Up

North Carolina Central wasn’t a very gracious host Saturday when the Eagles hosted in-state MEAC rival North Carolina A&T. The Aggies, No.1 in the HBCU…


Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: “It Doesn’t Look Good For Cosby Because….Rape”

  Tom before I start I want to warn people out there that the subject matter and some of the language you’re about to hear…

Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
13 Reasons Being A Teenager’s Mom Rocks!

Someone once told me the first child is a like a product test or lab experiment.  My first son’s journey from angelic child to moody…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: Even If The Evidence is Right Will The Ferguson Grand Jury Indict?

  Tom, if you’ll allow me, I’m going to play for you and your audience the best conversation I know I’ve heard anywhere about the…

Kiera A. Manison
No Piers Morgan, It’s Actually Not My Responsibility To Kill The N-Word

Apparently it is now black people’s responsibility to “kill the N-word,” according to Piers Morgan in his latest op-ed entitled, “If black Americans want the N-word to…

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Loving on Me with Katrina McGhee Pt 1

In part one, Sybil Wilkes talks with Katrina McGhee, speaker and founder of Loving On Me; a personal blog that turned out to be a global…


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Roland Martin Discusses The Legacy Of Former DC Mayor Marion Barry

  Roland Martin talks to Denise Barnes, the publisher of the Washington Informer about the death of the infamous DC Mayor Marion Barry. “It’s a…

MORNING MINUTE: A Very Special RIP To Former DC Mayor Marion Barry

  11/24/14 – Washington D.C. native Comedian Chris Paul has a very special tribute to former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. Click the link to hear!

SYBIL’S NEWS: Artist Annie Lee & DC Councilman Marion Barry Dies, Police Kill 12-Year-Old Cleveland Boy
Chris Paul’s NFL Wrap Up [LISTEN]

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