Trey Songz ‘Trigga’ Debuts At #1 [VIDEO] Queen Latifah, Khandi Alexander and Mike Epps Co-Star in ‘Bessie’ Biopic
HBO Will Broadcast Last Show Of “On The Run” Tour
What In The Weekend With Nikki Woods: A New Planet
Production Company Files Injunction Against Michael Jackson Estate
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Little Known Black History Facts

Little Known Black History Fact: 1980 Miami Riots Little Known Black History Fact: Unita Blackwell
Little Known Black History Fact: Dr. Robert F. Boyd
Little Known Black History Fact: Sarah Rector
Little Known Black History Fact: Donovan Jackson Case


COMMENTARY: Black Politicians – Corrupt Or Unjustly Targeted?


Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Sues NYC For $162 Million 22-Year-Old Mother Suffocates Son, Posts RIP Message On Facebook
Minneapolis Bar Sparks Controversy With ‘Jim Crow’ Dress Code Policy
This Is How Some Women Want To Be Helped If They Are Being Harassed On The Street
REPORT: Two Hours Of Sitting Cancels 20 Minute Exercise
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National News

WTF: Girl Accidentally Sent Nude Text To Her Daddy And Her Daddy Freaked Out [TEXTS] The Verdict Is In: $14M To Beaten Giants Fan
Massachusetts Man Injured When Dragged By Wires
Top 10 Cancer States
Authorities: Prostitute Gave Exec Fatal Heroin Hit
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Mathew Knowles’ Possible Baby Mama Says She Never Wanted Publicity

The latest woman claiming to have a baby by Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, has released a statement saying she never intended for her news to…


Life & Style

9 In 10 Women Would Freeze Their Eggs

  Jasmine Sanders reports that 9 out of 10 women would opt to freeze their eggs and delay starting a family for two very important reasons.…


Still Sick, Serena Drops Out of Swedish Open But Retains #1Ranking

Women’s tennis world No. 1 Serena Williams has withdrawn from next week’s Swedish Open due to her viral illness. Williams was forced to pull out…

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Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon On Why Stop And Frisk Could Make A Comeback, Like It Or Not

Let me tell you a story. It’s a tale of two cities; one is Chicago, the other, New York. It starts like this: “It’s 10pm.…

Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Are You Living In One of The Worst States For Working Moms?

When you’re conceiving a baby, you’re rarely thinking about paid maternity leave, childcare costs, how much time you’d get off when your kids get sick…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
“The N-Word In The White House” – Don Lemon Takes On The Man Who Wrote It

You can’t be President of the United States and not expect to face some very heated criticism But the question is, is President Obama taking…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
COMMENTARY: Denying Detroiters Water Is A Human Rights Tragedy

It’s not a stretch to compare Detroit to a third-world country. Not anymore. It’s been seven weeks since water has been turned off to thousands…

the Black Beat
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Girlfriend-FM: Gospel Artist Chanel (Trin-i-ti 5:7) Part 2

Gospel great Chanel gets real with @DeyaDirect about self-image, business and womanhood!  


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Michael Vick Is Now In The Comedy Business, Stops In Shreveport For First Gig

No more #7 for new Jets quarterback Michael Vick. “I had to give that up. I’m #1 now, but it’s cool. It looks good,” Vick…


07/10/14 – Dear Tom, I would like to nominate my mother Hazel Moore as the Thursday Morning Mom. My Mother is retired from the School…

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