Oliver Stone Drops Out Of MLK Biopic, Refuses To Whitewash His Legacy

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  • Film director Oliver Stone announced that he will no longer be helming a highly anticipated biopic on the life of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. because he wasn’t allowed to show the iconic Civil Rights leader’s flaws.

    Dreamworks announced last fall that they were bringing King’s life to the big screen. Jamie Foxx has been tapped to portray King and Steven Spielberg signed on to produce.

    Apparently, even all that star power wasn’t enough for the family of the assassinated leader, who allegedly didn’t like the story that Stone was trying to tell.

    Read Stone’s tweets below:

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    8 thoughts on “Oliver Stone Drops Out Of MLK Biopic, Refuses To Whitewash His Legacy

    1. Why not tell the REAL story? It’s o.k. We know he had major flaws. They knew it back then as well. Yet, he still was a “drum major for justice” and a righteous conscience for not just this nation but the world. You would think that the entire faith-based community would embrace the telling of the true life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The telling of how GOD uses his imperfect instruments to do a “more perfect” work so that GOD can ultimately get the glory.

    2. My dear Beloved departed father had flaws; however, it doesn’t diminish my love and respect for him. Infact, when I reflect back on my father, flaws and all, I have a deeper love for him because he held our family together. He was a real man with flaws who loved his children. Dr. King was not God;therefore, we know he wasn’t perfect. He was a man with flaws who loved his family and fought for civil rights. The flaws of Dr. King will not diminish African Americans’ or the world’s view of him as a man who wanted Equal Rights for all. If he were alive, Dr. King would approve a film reflecting his flaws.

    3. I agree with you blacqink. We know he wasn’t a perfect man. It’s not up to else but his family . We have to respect them for that it shouldn’t take away from what he work hard to accomplish.

    4. Let Tyler Perry, Spike Lee or the Hughes Bros. try to tackle it. they are great at giving niggas what they want to see versus the whole picture! Now, here is a white man try.ing to do something that no black folks in the biz would even attempt and the “respectable” black folks balk at it…ha ha…we are our own worst enemy.

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