As the debate rages once again, look at a list below of iconic Black comedians and actors who donned a dress.

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Jamie Foxx speaks for the first time since he was hospitalized for an undisclosed health issue in April. Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized in Georgia a week after his daughter revealed that Jamie experienced a serious medical condition. Now a source with knowledge told CNN all this information on Monday, so let us keep Jamie Foxx in our prayers as he goes through this challenging time. But we are praying for his speedy […]

Veteran actor Jamie Foxx reflected on a time when a Hollywood peer confused him for three-time NBA champion Rick Fox while high on drugs.

Many voiced both their oppositions and co-signs to Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx publicly confirming that, at his current age of 53 years old, marriage is something he still doesn't see for himself in the immediate or foreseeable future.

We pay tribute to 20 of the best Black comedians in the biz over the years in honor of the countless times they've kept us in stitches.

Following reports that Idris Elba is set to be Knuckles in the upcoming animated film 'Sonic The Hedgehog 2,' we couldn't help but remember these nine Black Hollywood stars who amazed us with their voice acting skills.

Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne Foxx chat with Netflix's Strong Black Lead to share her top five embarrassing moments with her father. The father-daughter duo have collaborated on Netflix's new sitcom 'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me' starring Jamie Foxx and based upon Corinne's past journal entries with similar stories. 

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We are about to get a deeper look into the life of one of the most dominating figures in sports. A new project about the life of Mike Tyson has been greenlit. As spotted on Deadline Jamie Foxx has been tapped to play Kid Dynamite in a new biographical series. The actor has been alluding to the […]

Jamie Foxx is rocking with Netflix. Today (February 18), the Oscar-winning actor, comedian and musician announced his new sitcom, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which will be exclusively on the streaming service.

"I learned how to live," Foxx said of his late sister, who passed away on October 19 at the age of 36.