NY Mayor-Elect’s Daughter Tells of Substance Abuse

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Rumors swirled during the mayoral primary campaign that Chiara had battled drug issues. But the de Blasio campaign fiercely beat back reporters who pursued the topic, saying that his two children were off limits from the press. No media outlet published a story.

Yet even as the campaign pleaded for privacy, de Blasio’s family played a key role in his campaign. De Blasio was frequently joined at campaign events by his wife, and McCray is considered his top adviser who will wield considerable influence at City Hall.

Both Chiara and her brother stumped for their father and appeared in television ads. Dante appeared first, and the teen’s soaring Afro and heartfelt descriptions of his father was the most effective ad of the campaign, helping de Blasio surge in the polls.

Chiara de Blasio’s ad appeared closer to Election Day and she gave a sunny description of her dad’s vision “that leaves no one behind.” She also introduced her father at his raucous primary night party.

She gave one hint about some of her struggles after being spotted in tears at a parade in September. She told reporters that she sometimes suffered from anxiety.

In the hours after the video was released, de Blasio briefly appeared outside his Brooklyn home and, flanked by the other three members of his family, repeated how proud he was of his daughter. The mayor-elect did not take questions.

During the campaign, de Blasio spoke about his father’s substance abuse, particularly with alcohol. His father later committed suicide.

White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske released a statement late Tuesday praising Chiara de Blasio’s decision “to give voice to the millions who suffer from substance abuse disorders.”

(Photo: AP)

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3 thoughts on “NY Mayor-Elect’s Daughter Tells of Substance Abuse

  1. Congratulations to Chiara de Blasio for being able to identify and deal with her addiction at such a young age. She and her entire family, due to her mature decision, will have a happier and healthier time on this planet. A lot of people hooked on drugs and alcohol don’t realize how happy they would become if they just give sobriety an honest chance. There’s nothing more beautiful than the new-born energy, enthusiasm, and happiness seen in people entering a lifestyle of sobriety.

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