Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

The cocktail of choice for seasoned actress Jada Pinkett Smith used to be a colorful combination of weed, alcohol and ecstasy pills, which even led her to pass out once while co-starring in Eddie Murphy's hit 1996 film The Nutty Professor.

One of the world’s top whisky producers has given whisky an upgrade. They’ve eliminated the need for ice, stirrers and glass. How? They created a capsule that is full of alcohol and similar to laundry detergent pods. You just pop it in your mouth, bite and swallow. Would you try this?

A Texas woman yelled racist obscenities and resisted arrest after police detained her after she and her husband left their infant in the family car out in the parkinglot. Police in Copperas Cove responded to a call about a child in a vehicle at the Trackside Night Club around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday morning, according […]


Could tainted alcohol possibly be responsible for the deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic? The FBI is investigating the possibility of “fake” alcohol being served in resorts on the island, and the news comes after officials in Costa Rica issued a national alert after 19 people died from alcohol that was reportedly laced […]

Have you ever done something crazy and blamed it on the alcohol? Well, that won’t fly with Guy. He doesn’t blame things on alcohol because he believes a drunk man is an honest man. That’s why he doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink, to him that means they’re hiding something. HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM […]


SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) — Authorities in South Carolina say a man sprayed Axe body spray in his mouth to cover the smell of alcohol as deputies approached during a traffic stop. The State newspaper reports that Spartanburg County sheriff’s deputies stopped 49-year-old Efren Mencia-Ramirez on Saturday night after they say he sped past a deputy on Interstate […]

Binge drinking and booze – this is the stuff those poisonous hip-hop videos are made up of. These and so many alcohol advertisements Black youth are exposed to have a pervasive effect on them. A recent report compiled by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has shed some new light on the subject. An […]

Damon thinks that if we could go back in time we should make alcohol illegal and weed legal. Apparently we got it backwards. Alcohol impairs your thinking and apparently your vision too because after a few drinks “lil dusty” and “Otis” look really good. We might even have less ugly people if alcohol were illegal. […]

Thinking about giving up the booze? Now is a great time to start! You might think you’ll miss it but there are a number of things that you definitely won’t miss! You really won’t miss losing things, like your keys and phone. You also won’t be upset about saving money! You know you spend money […]

A new proposal in New Orleans would offer intoxicated people a place to sober up as an alternative to jail, the ER, or just being passed out on the street. According to, some City Council members are in support of a  “Short-term Sobriety Center.” The proposed sobering center would hold 20 beds, and serve […]


A mom in Georgia is now facing charges after police say she filled her child’s sippy cup with alcohol and caused chaos in the movie theater.