Newtown Families Ask Panel to Shield 911 Tapes

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They maintain that the sensitivity of the Sandy Hook shooting, the emotional impact the tapes would have on families and the fact there’s no question about who committed the crime support their argument that the tapes should not be released in their case. They also remain concerned about the crime scene photos someday being released, predicting such images and sounds would live forever on the Internet and would be used by people with various political agendas.

“With the Internet, bloggers, truthers and conspiracy advocates, any information available will be published, for lack of a better word, over and over and over again,” Sherlach said.

More details about the case are expected to be released soon by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III. Hockley said she and other family members have expressed their concerns about what may or may not be included in his report, which Sedensky has said would be ready this fall.

“I’m hoping that no names are in the report. That would be first and foremost,” Hockley said, adding that she’s also concerned about “anything that can identify anyone in terms of exactly where they died, how they died, their wounds, anything like that.”

Hockley said Sedensky told the families he will do what he can to address their concerns.

“He’s going to do what he can from a legal standpoint,” Sherlach said.

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