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Kevin Hart’s Message To The Haters

kevin-hart-betKevin Hart must have been tired of all the hooplah surrounding his new relationship that he responded in great detail about the chicks who are throwing the slander.

“Here’s the reality. You wanna know the sad reality that I say to angry women? If it wasn’t her it [still] wouldn’t be you! That’s the sad part of the reality. So, these people that get angry about another man’s happiness, ask yourself, ‘If he wasn’t with her, would he be with you?’ The answer still is NO! So either way, you’re putting time and energy into somebody else’s happiness.”

Well. That solves it…I guess. He also talked about the craziest rumor he’s heard about himself:

“That I don’t like dark-skinned women (laughs). My daughter’s dark-skinned, my ex-wife is dark-skinned….but I get ONE new girlfriend and it’s, “HE HATES SISTAS!!” I wish y’all could see how many times a day I do this (makes crazy face). That’s my face for unwarranted attacks.”

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