Chad Johnson Shows off New Boo on Valentine’s Day (Photos Inside)

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“Couldn’t be happier!!!! Thanks Chad!!!! Kisses @Estadio Santiago Bernabéu”

It looks like the blonde chef is smitten with Chad but if we recall correctly Johnson was spotted coupled up with another woman just last week.

Good luck Lauren!

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7 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Shows off New Boo on Valentine’s Day (Photos Inside)

  1. I’m very disappointed to see so many negative comments from our African American women. Really, are we that insecure that we can’t be happy for someone else because of the color of their skin. As women as a whole we should support one another not tear each other down. We always scream that there is racism in the world and this is one of the reasons it will always exist. People are people, we all bleed red.

  2. Hoodtechie you sound a little bitter towards the sistas. What’s the problem baby your momma didn’t breast feed you? A sista rejected you? Oh you are probably playing for the same team and you’re intimidated. Whatever the reasons just an FYI, black women are okay with other race women taking our immature, womanizers and abusers. God knows our ancestors put up with their rapist and dead beat dad’s (masters) long enough. We know we are desirable so we could careless who Chad takes for his next victim. Throw your shade elsewhere BLACK MAN and respect the black woman, she’s the reason for your existence.

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  5. hey chad as long as you are happy ignore the comments by the angry black sisters,just a bad case of haterade my brother.i am one your biggest fan and one of your homeboys,it’s good to get out and mingle with all cultures.these angry,lonley,selfish sisters will always have something negative to say.stay in the positive relm and enjoy your for the sisters grow up become somebody.

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