1. 1. The planning of Ev and Ocho’s wedding lasted longer than their marriage. (Photo: AP)

2. 2. The Olympic Opening ceremony in London lasted longer than their marriage.(AP)

3. 4. The time it took for Kobe and Lebron to think of excuses to tell their wives after their Olympic Drama. (AP)

4. 5. The number of taped episodes (11) of Ev & Ocho’s reality show even exceeded the number of weeks they were together

5. 6. The time it takes for Antonio Cromartie to remember the names of his kids and their mothers. (AP)

6. 7. The line of men waiting to date Nadya “Octomom” Suleman is longer then their marriage. (AP)

7. 8. The time it took for us to see Baby Blue Ivy’s face since her birth. (Tumblr)

8. 9. TV Show ‘Day Break’ starring Taye Diggs (13 Episodes) lasted longer than Ev & Ocho’s Marriage.

9. 10. The list of masseurs accusing John Travolta of groping is longer. (AP)

10. 11. It took the Orlando Magic longer to trade Dwight Howard and they started before their marriage. (AP)

11. 12. Even Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage lasted longer than the marriage of Ev and Ocho. 42 days v 72 days.


12. 13. The Jackson family feud even lasted longer than the marriage of Ev & Ocho.

13. 14. The number of future speaking engagements Evelyn will get on domestic violence will surely outnumber her days with Chad.

14. 15. The list of dumb things Ryan Lochte said during interviews is longer than the marriage of Ev & Ocho. (Peed in the Pool????)

15. 16. The number of horrified fans upset with Kristen Stewart for cheating on Pattinson far outnumbered Ev & Ocho days of bliss.

16. 17. The number of days Chad Johnson was a Miami Dolphin is even greater than his marriage to Ev.