JustBeenTested.com Urges Sexually Active To Be Open About Status

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    Many intimate encounters begin with some simple questions. “Tell me what your interests are, who you be wit,” as the late Notorious B.I.G once put it. But too often the last thing consenting adults want to discuss is the most important: whether or not they have contracted any sexually transmitted diseases.

    It’s not sexy. We get it. But neither is having to treat an STI (assuming it is treatable) after a night of tequila infused Truth or Dare . To help raise awareness and create comfort around the discussion of sexual health, Alonzo Davis, a former Vice President at a well known financial institution, has launched a social network called JustsBeenTested.com.

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    Launched in January, the community’s mission is to encourage those who are sexually active to get tested regularly for Sexually Transmitted Infections and to build a community of leaders who will foster an open dialogue about sexual health and safe practices.

    “The same way you show off your last trip to brazil or the new BMW, show off the fact that you know your sexual health,” says Davis, who lost an uncle to AIDS in the 1990s. “Be just as proud of the fact that you got tested.”

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