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  • In her bestselling book ‘Successful Women Think Differently, Life Strategist Valorie Burton says seven key decisions will set you on the path to reclaim your power and maximize your potential.

    How bold are you about pursuing your dreams? Most people aren’t bold at all.  Reclaiming your power is about making seven, key decisions that can transform what’s possible for your life.  I identified them in my book Successful Women Think Differently, and here I share them with you and challenge you to make them your own.

    Decision #1: I do not downsize my dreams.

    Perhaps Mark Twain said it best: “It isn’t the things we did that we most regret; it’s the things we didn’t do.” To succeed at a high level, you must start expecting more. Even when you don’t get everything you expect, you’ll get a whole lot more than if you were expecting nothing at all. The moment you choose to settle, you guarantee you’ll never achieve your real dream. Choose faith over fear.

    Decision #2: I focus on solutions, not problems.

    The bigger you dream, the more opportunity for obstacles, challenges, and problems. Choose a mindset that sees these problems as opportunities for growth, and you will eventually walk into your vision. Just as importantly, when you focus on solutions you attract opportunities.

    Decision #3: I choose to be authentic.

    Be yourself. Who else can you be? It takes less effort and energy to be yourself, but it also takes courage. Fear that you will not be accepted or approved just as you are can lead you to send your “representative” out into the world. She looks like the real you, but she’s not. She’s a counterfeit and whatever success she has is built on false pretenses that you must keep up in order to maintain success.

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