A new study reveals that women are more likely to cheat with more partners than men.

The study conducted by the UK Adultery Survey found that women who cheat have an average of 2.3 lovers while men who cheat average 1.8 lovers.

Researchers also found that men are more likely to consider cheating six years into a relationship while women produce cheating thoughts within the first five years. Women also are more likely to cheat at a younger age than men. On average, women typically cheat at age 37 while men consider cheating at age 42.  

Interestingly, the study findings showed that partners who became aware of their spouse’s cheating were likely to ask for a divorce.

Online dating has made cheating readily accessible and convenient. Ashleymadison.com, a leading site for married people interested in having an affair, receives 1.8 million visitors per month according to site research. UndercoverLovers.com, another site of the same concept, has approximately 600,000 members. Their site demographics also coincide with the recent study’s findings.

Dr. Mady Pinkus, a clinical social worker believes that women most often cheat to find emotional validation outside of their current relationship.

“That is why you see more women falling in love with their secret lovers, because they develop an emotional attachment to this person that makes them feel special, whereas men often cheat out of dissatisfaction or boredom with their home or sex life” Mady said.

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