Dr. Camille McGann Dispels Cancer Myths

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    Cancer can have devastating effects on families and communities. And cancer, like many other life-threatening diseases, hits the black community harder than any other group of people. Blacks are diagnosed with advance/late stage cancer more than their White counterparts. A major reason for this trend is lack of understanding of available cancer information. Many blacks die from treatable forms of cancer simply because of myths and misinformation about cancer.

    Here are a few myths that Dr. Camille McGann, radiation oncologist, is working to dispel:

    1. No one in my family has Cancer, so I do not have to worry about getting it.
    2. If I get Cancer, I am going to die within a few months. People I know (and have heard of) who
    were diagnosed with Cancer, went to the hospital and then died in a matter of months. That
    will happen to me too.
    3. The Treatment for Cancer is worse than the disease itself.
    4. Black Americans are not at risk for Colorectal Cancer. I do not need a colonoscopy. I will do a
    colon cleanse instead as its more natural and does the same thing.
    5. My family only has Diabetes (sugar) and High blood pressure (pressure). I eat right, exercise
    5x/week and keep my stress level low. I cannot be at risk for any Cancer, especially not Breast
    or Prostate Cancer since I am doing everything right.

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    3 thoughts on “Dr. Camille McGann Dispels Cancer Myths

    1. Blacks have the highest mortality rate when it comes to cancer and that is why I put on an annual show to bring awareness to the community. “Survivors on the Runway” give cancer survivors the ability to feel like a celebrity by celebrating life on the runway. Our upcoming show is 11/11/12 http://www.wornbyacelebrity.com

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