Toure Calls Tyler Perry ‘Malt Liquor for the Masses’

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  • In an exchange on CNN regarding Tyler Perry’s new status as Hollywood’s highest paid man in entertainment, social commentator Touré went in on the actor/writer/producer/director/entrepreneur – calling his work “malt liquor for the masses.”


    One of the main debates has been whether or not Perry’s work, produced for and consumed mainly by black audiences, is actually destructive for the African American community, notes Spike Lee famously called his broad comedy and melodrama “coonery and buffoonery” and, now that Perry has reached the very top of Forbes‘ annual list, social commentator Touré was invited to offer his take.


    Touré began by knocking Perry’s actual talents as a filmmaker. Comparing his films to “cinematic malt liquor,” he said they taught black women to embrace feelings of “victimhood.” However, they were popular just because no one else is talking to those women.


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    8 thoughts on “Toure Calls Tyler Perry ‘Malt Liquor for the Masses’

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