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Since Victoria Monét broke onto the music scene, she’s been inspiring Black women. From her commitment to perfecting her craft and dropping authentic music to her openness about her romantic relationships and motherhood, Victoria has represented the good, the bad, and the ugly and empowered Black women to be themselves.

Now, the Grammy award-winning artist is speaking to our souls and experiences once again by sharing her experience with an illness that can uniquely impact Black women called polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. Keep scrolling to learn a little about PCOS and what the artist shared.

Victoria Monét’s story inspires many, raising awareness of the impact of PCOS on Black women.

Posting a Coachella stage photo of herself on her Instagram stories, Victoria told fans and followers how the syndrome has changed or can change her body. The image, reportedly posted on April 23, shows the “On My Mama” singer in the middle of a dance move with her back to the camera and her silhouette in the frame.

“Welp.. I gained a lot of weight and it went a lot of places lol face, arms, tummy and most effectively… datassss,” she wrote on top of her photo in white text. She continued, I usually am so critical and frustrated by it because PCOS has me really messed up, but optimistically at least now there’s two moons on the stage.” She added a crying face emoji at the end of her text (and we all felt the sentiment).

Since sharing her story, fans and PCOS sisters have posted on various platforms thanking Victoria for raising awareness. Many have commented on the importance of “not feeling alone” and shared their experiences. Others applaud the mother of one for being open and vulnerable.

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What do we know about Black women and PCOS?

With her declaration, Victoria joins a list of other Black women celebrities and advocates who have used their voices to talk about PCOS. Big Boss Keke Palmer, who recently announced a new project dropping in November 2024, is another.

PCOS is a “condition in which the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgens, male sex hormones that are usually present in women in small amounts.” This condition can translate into reproductive issues and challenges for women and infertility.

Studies show 6% to 12% of women of reproductive age nationwide have been diagnosed with PCOS. And Capital B News also reports that PCOS may be underdiagnosed within the Black community.

While PCOS impacts women of all races, Black Women’s Health Imperative research shows it can uniquely impact Black women. Notable impacts include excess hair growth, a higher risk of heart disease, and infertility. Weight gain and other physical changes, as Victoria noted, are other common symptoms.

HB applauds Victoria, Keke, and numerous other Black women raising awareness about PCOS. Having conversations, talking to health care providers, and venting, if needed, is how we can all thrive and learn about the condition.


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