During these uncertain times a lot of people have questions about their health and finances. Jini Thornton answers some of the most pressing financial questions on the Willie Moore Jr. Show. One common question is, “what’s going on with student loans?”. She says that in addition to freezing interest on federal student loans, Trump has […]

Everyone knows that Tyler Perry is pretty much a genius. Recently he announced that he writes all of his own shows, and though the internet had some criticism about that, it works for him. His newest project, “A Fall From Grace,” was written about 4 years ago. Perry told Willie Moore Jr. that he got […]

Pastor Jamal Bryant is not a stranger to scandal, but he says the key to staying on the right path is “accountability.” He views Baltimore as his “training wheels.” He says that God knew that he had to “fall in Baltimore,” before he could “skydive in Atlanta.” While in Baltimore he had an extra-marital affair […]

Grammy award winning producer and pastor Warryn Campbell has been credited with discovering singer Lena Byrd Miles.  He tells Willie Moore Jr. that he came across a video of Miles singing at church on social media and was impressed by her voice, and “the anointing” of what she was singing in the video. Right then […]

Who doesn’t like new stuff? Of course we all like to have the newest nicest things! For a lot of things there are prime times to shop. Jini breaks down the best time to get a deal on certain large purchases! For example, Willie has been itching to buy a new car! Jini says the […]

Cora Jakes Coleman recently released a new book called “Ferocious Warrior;” in the book she teaches people how to get to their “promise and purpose in life.” Growing up T.D. Jakes’ daughter she was always interested in going into ministry and it also came with “great scrutiny.” Moving into adulthood is difficult for most people […]

When The Talent Report started looking into the Instagram analytics of over 100 radio personalities heard on syndicated shows, they discovered that Willie Moore Jr. of The Willie Moore Jr. Show is one of their top 10 infuencers. Moore was ranked tenth with 221,275 followers, 2.51% average interactions and 3.05% growth in the month of […]

A listener asked Willie how they should “deal with someone who is broken.” Willie says the key is to remember to show compassion and not think of it as “dealing with someone.” We need to show them love, compassion and understanding and above all lead them to Christ. No one is “too broken” for Christ. […]

A listener says her husband doesn’t wear his wedding ring because he doesn’t like jewelry. Willie asks if she should be concerned about that. One caller says he’s been married for almost 25 years and he feels “lost” without his ring. Another caller believes that wearing the ring shows that you respect the promise that […]

Social media challenges are extremely popular right now but most of them are just for fun. The Willie Moore Jr. Show team has come up with a challenge that’ll do some good. It’s called the “Government Shutdown Challenge,” and we’re challenging you to be a blessing to government workers who have been working without pay […]

Willie has a 10-year-old son who got a phone for Christmas and wants to download Instagram. Willie thinks 10 is too young for social media. He thinks back to being a young teen and doesn’t understand how kids today can handle all of the pressure of growing up plus social media. A caller thinks that […]

For days all people have been talking about is Surviving R. Kelly. For many parents, including this caller it was hard to imagine allowing your child enough freedom to get involved with an adult male. Seeing the documentary rose a lot of questions like “where are the parents” and why were all of the other […]