D.L. Hughley points out that America is changing and evolving. We’re getting “browner, fatter, higher,” and “gayer.”  The very talented Anthony Anderson shares with the crew that he has seen several benefits to using both marijuana and CBD oil. He uses the CBD Oil to ease his “chronic elbow pain.” He’d like to see more […]

According to reports the medical marijuana industry is trying to wow legislatures by starting a “massive” minority contracting and hiring program. Their goal is to keep their weed farms up and running. They’re proposing an “inclusive legalization program” to promote economic opportunity. Thy’re offering millions of dollars, grants and zero percent APR loans to minorities. […]

Also, when the data was adjusted for race, researchers found women who used a little weed before sex reported satisfactory orgasms at over two times the rate of non users.

Damon thinks that if we could go back in time we should make alcohol illegal and weed legal. Apparently we got it backwards. Alcohol impairs your thinking and apparently your vision too because after a few drinks “lil dusty” and “Otis” look really good. We might even have less ugly people if alcohol were illegal. […]


Plenty of people leave things behind in Ubers and have the driver return whatever they left to them; but this Pennsylvania man would have been better off just forgetting about it. WXPI reports that the driver said he received an email from Uber on Dec. 29 stating that his passenger, Malik Mollett, had left a package […]

Sacramento Kings defender Iman Shumpert can start 2019 without worrying about jail time after a Georgia judge placed the NBA star on probation instead of behind bars. The Blast reports Shumpert was sentenced over his 2016 arrest for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs, marijuana possession and failure to maintain the lane, on December 18. Shumpert reportedly […]


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP) — Police in Florida say a 23-year-old man went through a McDonald’s drive-thru and tried to pay for his order with a bag of marijuana. News outlets report Port St. Lucie police say the fast food worker denied the trade and Anthony Andrew Gallagher drove off, only to return again […]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Blacks were disproportionately arrested for marijuana, but he never reportedly mentioned any sort of reparations for those same groups if weed were to be legalized.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Here’s another thing travelers can consider bringing when a trip takes them through Los Angeles International Airport — marijuana. Just be careful about carrying it onto the plane. A written policy posted by airport police says small amounts of weed may now be brought into one of the world’s busiest airports. […]

Matt Barnes admitted to smoking before every NBA game that he played! Barnes was on a podcast recently and said that he wants the NBA to consider getting rid of the marijuana ban.  Huggy says he was probably high when he beat Derek Fisher‘s behind for being at his ex’s house while he was still […]

Ex NBA super star Matt Barnes appeared on the Red Pill Podcast and talked openly about the taboo of marijuana usage in professional sports. He said he hopes to work with the NBA to change policies banning weed. Barnes then admitted that he’s an avid smoker, he even said he got high before NBA games. […]

Two Winston-Salem women, Michaela Pearson and Candice Little, have been arrested after the clip went viral on Facebook showing the women help three children smoke what appeared to be marijuana. The videos, which originally appeared on Snapchat, shows an adult holding the paraphernalia to the children’s mouths while they inhaled. According to ABC 7, the […]