As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we put a quick spotlight on the Dominican roots of rising cannabis lifestyle brand Happy Munkey.

Chrisean Rock's viral weed smoking sesh while pregnant on 'Crazy In Love' inspired us to look into the reality of puffing on a full stomach.

Cops in the Medellin suburb known as Bello inadvertently caused a contact high throughout the town due to lingering smoke from seized weed.


According to a new study, heavy marijuana users who are also vaccinated could be more susceptible to breakthrough COVID cases.

The cocktail of choice for seasoned actress Jada Pinkett Smith used to be a colorful combination of weed, alcohol and ecstasy pills, which even led her to pass out once while co-starring in Eddie Murphy's hit 1996 film The Nutty Professor.

It seems that not every project Drake touches turns to gold. It has been announced he and the Canopy Growth Corporation have parted ways. As reported by HipHopDX the Toronto, Ontario, Canada native is no longer in business with CGC. For those who need their memories jogged back in November 2019 Drizzy announced a new partnership […]

With his new cannabis brand, Monogram, the Roc Nation head honcho has officially secured a new deal that will see 900,000 pounds of his product being produced.

We’ve compiled 10 celebrity and minority owned Cannabis brands that we feel you should know about and support if given the chance.

Jay-Z, seeing the vast potential after launching Monogram, has launched a fund that will put financial muscle behind minority-owned cannabis businesses as he too has dipped his toes into that pool.


BOSTON (AP) — The first recreational marijuana shop opened Monday in Boston, where owners are bracing for large crowds. Pure Oasis owners Kobie Evans and Kevin Hart say they’re preparing for up to 1,000 customers a day in the initial days to visit the store, which is also the first pot shop owned and operated […]

JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli start-up that promotes home-grown marijuana says it has signed on American rapper Snoop Dogg as a brand ambassador. Snoop, an outspoken advocate of marijuana use, will promote Seedo’s small refrigerator-like machine that grows plants with the help of artificial intelligence. The self-contained “grow box” regulates temperature, light, carbon dioxide and […]

New York recently passed a law that could help a lot of folks out. Employers are no longer allowed to test applicants for THC. The reasoning is that since they don’t test for alcohol marijuana should be no different. The bill makes exceptions for police officers, drivers, health care professionals and child care givers.