David Dietrich, a GOP elections official out of Virgina, proved that politics aren't exempt from racist ideologies after the discovery of his online messages using the N-Word and calling for a "good public lynching" of Democrat rivals led to his recent resignation. 

The well-documented history of Black people being inhumanely compared to apes recently came to light in Virginia after a history teacher decided to sue a former student for leaving a banana on his door once every month.

A house full of young children in Virginia sadly had to be rushed to the hospital yesterday after they overdosed on sleeping pills that one of them got ahold of without any supervision. 

The shooting death of 25-year-old Virginia news reporter Sierra Jenkins proved to be crushing on many levels, especially being that her editor actually attempted to contact her to cover the story, only to discover that she in fact was the victim herself.   

Singer and music producer Pharrell Williams is challenged corporate America to “do more” by supporting entrepreneurs economic equity of color and adopting economic equity measures during the Urban League of Hampton Roads’ annual Martin Luther King Jr. awards program.


Hundreds of motorists waited desperately for help Tuesday after being stranded all night in freezing temperatures along a 50-mile stretch of highway south of the nation’s capital that became impassable when tractor-trailers jackknifed in a winter storm, state police said.

Two home invaders got greedy in more ways than one during a recent burglary in Winchester, Virginia after reports say the perps ordered a pizza to the residence before robbing it of money, jewelry and other valuables.

The Charlottesville City Council has decided on the fate of a recently demounted statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, choosing to melt it down and have a local African-American history museum create something more reflective of the city's diversity with its remains.

Russ was more than open to having political commentator Armstrong Williams on the show to speak on the results of Election Day from a Conservative's perspective.


As Democrat Terry McAuliffe worked the crowd at Norfolk State University’s homecoming football game, many fans at the historically Black school were ready with answers before he could even ask for their vote.

Virginia's own Viola Roberts Lampkin Brown hit the big 1-1-0 on October 4, 2021, making her the first and only supercentenarian to reside in the southern state out of the six in total still living.