As I wrote in my last commentary, I think even the NFL could learn from the Mizzou players who stood up for what they believed in. I also followed that sentence by asking you what you believe in. The reason I’m asking you again this time is because the only issue I have […]

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — University of Missouri police said Wednesday they have arrested a suspect accused of making online threats against black students and faculty, threats that added to racial tensions on campus that resulted in the departure of two senior university officials. Police did not release a name but said the suspect was not […]

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — This week’s events at the University of Missouri seemed to unfold rapidly, with little warning. But some students, faculty and alumni say the protests and sudden resignation of the president and chancellor are the culmination of years of racial tension on the state’s flagship campus. The history of racially charged incidents […]

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — When cotton balls were found scattered outside the black culture center at the University of Missouri’s flagship campus in 2010 in a clear reference to slavery, two white students were arrested and expelled, with no larger discussion of race on a campus where blacks weren’t allowed to enroll until 1950. “To […]

Given the recent resignation of University of Missouri Tim Wolfe due to growing racial tensions at the school, a closer look at Mizzou’s past reveals that the learning institution has a history of racism. Despite notions that the school is one of the more progressive hubs of the Deep South, the university has endured public […]

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe on Sunday acknowledged problems with racism on campus after Black football players vowed to stop playing until he "resigns."

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The latest on the protests and turmoil over racially charged incidents at the University of Missouri (all times local): 10:35 a.m. University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe says he hopes the school community uses his resignation as a way to “move forward together.” Wolfe said Monday at a special meeting […]

Roland Martin talks to Jonathan Butler, a University of Missouri graduate student who is on a hunger strike until the university’s President Tim Wolfe resigns in light of racial inequalities on campus. On the status of his hunger strike: “I’m managing. My body is tired and hungry. I started last Monday and I’m only drinking […]


The University of Missouri’s football team has joined students in their protest against University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe by boycotting all football games until…