Families with children might be eligible for additional financial support if a Democratic proposal successfully moves through Congress. Here's what you need to know.

With everything going on presently, including people losing their jobs because businesses, like restaurants for instance, have been forced to close to quell the spread of the coronavirus, many are thinking about how to hold onto their money and how they will pay their bills during such an uncertain time. Any other concerns, at this point, […]


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota campaign finance officials said last week that Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar misused campaign funds in violation of state rules. They also revealed that she had filed joint tax returns with her husband years before they were legally married and at a time when she was married to another man. The […]

Lately, it seems the words “controversy” and Empire find themselves in the same sentence. The most recent evidence of this is that Terrence Howard, who plays rap mogul Lucious Lyon on the Fox show, is under investigation for criminal tax evasion, reports The Blast. Seems federal authorities are looking at possible crimes committed by Howard […]

Attention all procrastinators: Tax Day is here, it’s time to face the music. Today is the last day to either file your 2018 taxes or file an extension. Here are a few tips that even last-minute filers can use to stay of out trouble with the IRS and perhaps even save a few bucks. Are […]

April 15 is just 7 days away, and join us with tips for our listeners who have procrastinated. That’s right, Skip! If you have been putting off your taxes, you only have a week left to file, so it is time to buckle down and get them done. I have a week left. What’s the […]

Remember when Stacey Dash was thinking about running for political office? Well, she probably decided not to because her tax issues would have been a campaign nightmare! According to a sister-state judgment obtained by The Blast, Dash owes $13,237.64 in back taxes stemming from a New York judgment back in 2016. The total amount due to […]

Are people not sick of supporting Donald Trump yet? Maybe they’ll be sick of him once it hits them in the pockets. When regular middle class Americans go to file their taxes this year they’ll be shocked when they realize that they will either not be getting much back this year, or they’ll owe the […]

TODAY YOU ARE HERE TO HELP US PREPARE FOR A POTENTIALLY BUMPY TAX SEASON. WHY? Even though the federal government has reopened for three weeks, the shutdown is expected to have ripple effects for taxpayers. The lack of funding for the IRS prevented large swaths of the agency from operating during a time its worker […]

DETROIT (AP) — Aretha Franklin‘s estate has paid at least $3 million in back taxes to the IRS since her death in August, an attorney for the late Queen of Soul’s estate said Thursday. The estate is being audited by the IRS, which filed a claim this month in a county probate court north of […]

Singer Dionne Warwick will soon be facing off with the IRS in court after a federal court judge set the start date for the trial over a tax battle that has been brewing for years. According to The Blast, the judge presiding over Warwick’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which she filed all the way back in 2013, set […]

After an extensive legal feud full of ugly revelations, countless seizures, and an attempt on his life, Lil Wayne finally severed his contract with Cash Money Records kingpin Bryan “Birdman” Williams and released Tha Carter V this summer after a 7-year wait. The rapper spitter took a moment to shoutout the real ones who held him down during […]