Kerby Jean-Raymond will soon expand his fashion empire to even more historic heights as he will soon be the first Black American designer to present during Paris Haute Couture Week.

  With four days into black history month, Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth Carter (Black Panther, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X) made herstory by releasing her first collection with retail giant, H&M. The collection is the perfect meld of a blackity black moment and 80’s vibes personified. “People think that I got into this […]

Michael B. Jordan’s turtleneck and pinstripe suit is probably two sizes too small and it is much to our delight. The hunky actor is promoting his new movie Just Mercy and stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon wearing the fine fashion combination and we’re so here for it. In addition to Just Mercy, […]

Our Forever First Lady looked gorgeous at the 2019 Hidden Heroes Awards.

Bring Rihanna's look to life at a fraction of the price!

Toni Braxton turns 52 today and despite all her health and life challenges she’s looking great. Here’s a few of her changing styles over time.

Beauty subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular, but the Grind Pretty box is unique because it features carefully curated beauty products by female-owned brands. Mimi J, makeup artist and entrepreneur, started the online platform Grind Pretty as a digital destination that connects aspiring entrepreneurs and experts in the beauty and lifestyle space. “At Grind Pretty, […]

Guy can’t stand when people try to bite his style! As grown men he thinks that every man should have his own style and not try to be like another man. Maybe that was cool when you were a child and were looking up to celebrates, but now it’s weird! Be original folks! HEAD BACK […]

Donna Brazile’s recent makeover had the internet abuzz. The 58-year-old political strategist turned pundit always was always on point with her analysis but her look was matronly and outdated. At some point, Brazile must have decided that she wanted a change. Here is how we most remember seeing her. Certainly attractive, but we’re going to […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Kors is buying the Italian fashion house Versace in a deal worth more than $2 billion (1.83 billion euros), continuing its hard charge into the world of high-end fashion. The deal Tuesday comes just 14 months after the New York handbag maker spent $1.35 billion adding to its portfolio Jimmy […]