Interracial couple Andrea and Phillipe Robinson had to experience not only a stalker situation but also the same creep driving a stolen SUV into their house due to racially-motivated intentions.


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A judge set bail at $50,000 for a former New England Patriots player accused of violating a protective order. Greg Spires says he is innocent in a video arraignment Monday from jail in Concord, New Hampshire. The 44-year-old Spires, of Cypress, Texas, was a defensive end in the National Football League […]

Have you ever been stalked? Or stalked someone? Kenny Lattimore has never stalked, but he did have a hardcore stalker. And y’all…this woman was efficient! She had been to his house, his church, and flew to whatever city he was in. The woman literally slid a note under his door that read “you’re my only […]

Terry Crews, who is currently pursuing a sexual harassment lawsuit against WME and agent Adam Venit, now finds himself the target of multiple claims in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Symbolic Web Media and Darwin Hall, whom Crews hired back in 1999 to help him transition from former NFL player to actor, […]

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A jury awarded Erin Andrews $55 million on Monday in her lawsuit against a stalker who bought a hotel room next to her and secretly recorded a nude video, finding that the hotel companies and the stalker shared in the blame. After a full day of deliberations, the panel said the […]

It’s unbelievably easy to stalk just about anyone with all the technology and social media available. But even before the digital age, stalking was alive…

Nationally-known minister T.D, Jakes is widely acclaimed for his ministry, but this popular Bishop did not intend for his fame and influential evangelism to lead to a problem with one of its now former members. The person responsible for causing Jakes problems is Karleisha Taylor, she has been in the news for her alleged stalking […]

A Texas woman allegedly ran over her ex-boyfriend’s mother and texted him “Hows Life LOL” after doing so, KXAN-TV reports. Elizabeth Segundo McClain, 22, was charged with third degree felony of stalking and assault. Police say that McClain has a history of stalking her ex- boyfriend, Ryan Boyd, 25. She reportedly called Boyd hundreds of […]