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Nationally-known minister T.D, Jakes is widely acclaimed for his ministry, but this popular Bishop did not intend for his fame and influential evangelism to lead to a problem with one of its now former members.

The person responsible for causing Jakes problems is Karleisha Taylor, she has been in the news for her alleged stalking of Jakes. This is not the Bishop’s first encounter with Tarver though; she has stalked Jakes numerous times in the past as well.

He not only filed a lawsuit against Tarver just this last month, but State District County Judge Susan McCoy extended a temporary restraining order against Tarver because her actions “may ultimately lead to the deaths of one of the plaintiffs, their family, their friends, church attendees or staff.” The restraining order states that Tarver cannot come within 500 feet of Jakes.

“I would love to comment, but I can’t because this case is pending,” said Faith Johnson, Jakes’ attorney.

Her history of stalking Jakes has definitely been evident. Since 2011, Tarver has attempted numerous times to trespass onto Jakes’ Fort Worth, Texas estate.

During one of her attempted break-ins of Jakes’ home, she tried to run over one of his security guards on the premise with her car. This would lead up to Tarver eventually being expelled from the Bishops’ 30,000 seat church; however, it didn’t stop Tarver from attending a bible study where she was reportedly yelling uncontrollably.

Police cited her for criminal trespassing at the time for that incident. It doesn’t just end there.  Just this last month, Tarver made a surprise appearance during a service at The Potter’s House, approaching Jakes as he preached to his congregation. She was then apprehended by the Potter House’s security team and spoken to about her behavior

Tarver has been hit with an arrest warrant for her latest stalking incident, and she was put in jail on January 26th. As of today, she is in a Dallas County jail with a bail set at $1000.