Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Black Trump supporters Ben Carson, Stacy Dash and Candace Owens are leading the Young Black Leadership Summit in D.C. But why? We have to set Black children up for success, by leading them in the right direction. Those three claim to want to be leaders for young Black children but, they follow a “cult leader!” A […]

4/10/18- Ray Lewis accused Odell Beckham Jr. of leaving God out of his life. Chris Paul finds it interesting that Lewis can judge someone on their spirituality when he’s been serving a particular person like a God for a while. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: 

2/27/18- She got kicked out of the White House, wasn’t allowed to go to Wakanda and now she got evicted from Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa just can’t seem to get this whole life thing right. And now Stacy Dash is running for a spot in Congress! What’s going on? READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST […]

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Stacey Dash came out of the woodwork Thursday night to come for Auntie Maxine, calling her a “corrupt media buffoon” attempting to stretch her “15 minutes” of fame. The actress retweeted a BET article celebrating the speech Congressman Maxine Waters gave during the network’s “Black Girls Rock” event. “Maxine Waters’s powerful speech teaches women everywhere […]

Stacey Dash, the misguided actress-turned-Republican-mouthpiece, is a complete embarrassment. She has no original arguments; she often appears to be intellectually underserved; she’s clueless. A commentator for the conservative Fox News Network, Dash has been suspended by the network for using profanity on-air to criticize President Barack Obama about his strategy to fight terrorists who may […]


Another day. Another Stacey Dash brain fart moment to shake your head at. The Fox News contributor chimed in with her newest swipe at President Barack Obama as she highlighted the slim chance of anyone being beheaded under former commander-in-chief George W. Bush. “When George W. Bush was president, the most important thing to him […]

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  Stacey Dash’s new boo thang is 22 years her junior and apparently there’s no shame in her game! According to reports, the actress and new FOX News contributor is dating 25-year-old Michael Evers. The lovebirds were seen showing off their fitness bodies during a morning job in Los Angeles today. A source tells the Daily Mail that […]

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“Single Ladies” returns to VH1 on Monday, May 28th at 1 p.m., minus Stacy Dash as Val. Dash reportedly left the show to focus on “family,” “other opportunities” or whatever platitude that you’d like to believe. Insider gossip, which hasn’t been totally denied by anyone involved, including LisaRaye who dished on Dash over at Jet […]