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Rape on college campuses may be nothing new, but this doesn’t make it any less troubling. Even moreso, if nothing is being done about it.

Over the weekend disturbing signs were plastered around the campuses of Morehouse and Spelman Colleges — some even naming specific students who had allegedly raped other students on campus.

The signage (scroll down for pictures) uses the hashtag, #weknowwhatyoudid.

In the photos, names of students being accused are blurred.

For those who may not know, Morehouse and their sister-college, Spelman, are next door to one another in Atlanta.

This isn’t the first time the HBCU’s have had to respond to similar accusations.

But both colleges wasted no time addressing the issue with public statements on their official website(s).

According to The Root, Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D., the president of Spelman College posted a public letter to the community specifically addressing the signs, saying in part…

“I write t o remind everyone that Spelman College has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of violence, harassment or unwanted contact. Our hearts go out to any members of our community who have experienced incidents of violence, harassment or unwanted contact.”

A statement from Morehouse — whose new present-elect, David A. Thomas comes on board in January 2018 — reads:

At Morehouse College, we will investigate all claims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, violence, and discrimination filed with our Title IX Coordinator. Our Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures guidelines provide for disciplinary action, including dismissal, if any student or faculty/staff member engages in inappropriate behavior. Morehouse is focused on providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Our priority is to maintain a campus environment that develops young men who are academically excellent, community servants, and leaders in society.

The statement continues.

We have programs in place to educate students about sexual misconduct, including the Not In My House campaign, launched to communicate that violence, discrimination, and disrespect will not be tolerated at Morehouse College.

We also have a Healthy Campus Task Force, which is composed of students, staff, and faculty members working in collaboration with the Georgia Independent College Association to raise awareness of campus sexual violence and to coordinate prevention efforts. Student leaders, resident assistants, athletes, and campus organizations participate in training that focuses on their roles in spreading the message that sexual misconduct is prohibited and will be investigated.

We encourage anyone who has been impacted by sexual harassment or assault on the Morehouse College campus to come forward and file a complaint or to use our anonymous complaint hotline.


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5 thoughts on “Morehouse, Spelman, Accused Of Protecting Rapists

  1. I don’t read this as the colleges protecting rapists. This is probably coming up from the Hollywood #metoo situation where people were assaulted years ago and never said anything. Yeah there might be the case of administration knowing what goes on in frat house parties and turning a blind eye, but if nobody reports it, they can’t do anything. This is not just an HBCU thing either.

  2. I will bet you $ that sex crimes have been a problem on college campuses since the “good old days” hundreds of years ago. “Institutions,”– including universities, churches, corporations, sports teams, hospitals, nursing homes, Hollywood studios, TV networks, the music industry, Congress, state governments, local governments, the Boy Scouts– want to protect their own reputations. They cover up crimes that might get them sued or cost them advertising money, new students, votes, fans, members, donations….Cover-ups are wrong. ALL crimes should be reported to the proper authorities such as local police, advocacy groups or attorneys for action. If they fail to follow through, report THEM to the news media! Don’t allow “institutions” to get away with cover-ups!

    • A few incidents does NOT represent a whole college. by your logic, that means everything needs to get shut down because ALL places have drama of some kind.

    • Shouldn’t you worry about that pedophile running for that Senate seat in Alabama, or the pervert/grabber in chief of women’s p u ssies, or maybe all those white men in Cali who have sexually assaulted a whole host of women and men, or maybe those fake a.s.s. Christian closet homosexuals? Clean your own house first before you come for someone else. BTW, stop being such an a. ss. hole.

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