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A Spelman student desperate for justice took to social media to share a shocking account of her alleged rape.

The string of tweets comes amid allegations that Spelman and Morehouse have mishandled cases of sexual assault in the past.

We previously reported the tensions between historically brother and sister schools Morehouse and Spelman came to a head, when a detailed report by Buzzfeed’s Anita Badejo went viral.

The piece “Our Hands Are Tied Because Of This Damn Brother-Sisterhood Thing,” explored how victims of sexual assault are often marginalized and blamed for their incidents on both campuses.

Because the report went viral, Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell,  President of Spelman, issued this statement:

“The Department of Education Office of Civil Rights notified Spelman of a Title IX complaint regarding a past incident. That complaint was followed by the circulation on social media of an article in Buzzfeed that brought to our attention other past incidents,” said Campbell in her letter. “The women who filed those complaints exhibited courage and fearlessness. At the same time, the circumstances that occasioned those complaints are unacceptable.”

With the actions of the university being under intense examination, you would think the school would be doing everything in their power to sensitively deal with victims of rape. But according to one anonymous student, they aren’t doing enough.

A Twitter user who claims to be a Spelman student, wrote a string of tweets describing her alleged assault:


The account was shared around social media, and has been the center of protests happening on campus in the last 24 hours.

One of the protesters, shared this message with the world:

He also shared these images of the protests:

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14 thoughts on “Anonymous Spelman Student Details Her Alleged Rape By Four Morehouse Men

  1. Ms. D on said:

    Girls, please stick together and look out for each other, especially at a party! What happened to the buddy system?!!!

  2. M623 on said:

    Nobody should be treated this way. I feel for this young lady and any others who have been subject to some trifling boys so hard up for sex they have to take it with force. Regardless of what she was wearing, drinking, etc she should not have been subject to this behavior. The sad thing this is happening all over the country in other HBCU’S but it’s not being recognized publicly unless the victim puts it on social media. SMH I hope this young lady gets justice and those boys are treated to the harshest punishment allowable.

  3. Lawrence on said:

    The lower admission standards of HBCU’s have attracted too many thugs that have no interest in a degree

  4. Beeg1984 on said:

    I have to say I believe her.. So sad.. Don’t want to give Morehouse Men a bad name. Shame on Spelman and Morehouse…

    • specialt757 on said:

      Right Beeg. I absolutely believe her, one she wants to remain anonymous so that tells me she’s not looking for sympathy, glory or limelight. And two, I recently started taking CCE type modules online to volunteer and the main thing it stresses in my role, is to believe whatever the victim tells you right up front. It may turn out later she/he is not being truthful, however, that will come out as time progresses. But we must get them help in whichever way we can immediately, upon request. If we do this, it makes it easier for victims of domestic or sexual abuse to come forward and get the help they need before it’s too late.

      • kimboo on said:

        I CONCUR Beeg and Specialt… this is becoming all too familiar on HBC? I expect this of large white Universities, like the one I graduated from, this happens everyday!!! My freshmen year, I met two of my white girlfriends who were raped prior to coming to college. One was raped by her camp pastor, a young guy, and the other was raped by her fathers best friend… Uncle Bob. I noticed their relationships with men over our 4 years together, with men, was horrible… They didn’t know how to have real relationships, just booty calls.

    • So sad and so true. Parents with daughters preparing for college read stories like this and end up losing a lot of sleep. Colleges and Universities work hard to project the Hollywood image depicted in “A Different World”, and are willing to do virtually anything to make stories like this disappear. I hope this young lady is able to find justice, both from those who committed the crime as well as those who work even now to down-play and/or make it disappear. Shameful!!….especially for a HBCU.

  5. kimboo on said:

    Trust me… White schools of higher learning are the same, unless you are a white woman who allegedly attacked by someone of the opposite race, and it was of course, a black football player… it pays off. If your a black woman raped by 4 white frat brothers, even though they locked you in a room, and took turns, and threaten your life at knife point? You WEREN’T drunk, but they were drunk and horny, and because they have powerful parents, this case would NEVER see a courtroom. They would always know where you are, and your every move, and 20 years later… you still get anonymous letters from the four who are ALL powerful white men, that want to control you 😦 Your high in your police department, and dare them to step your way, cause this time… your not a young woman, and you know how to protect yourself from the EVIL THAT MEN DO!

      • kimboo on said:

        Who in the HELL IS TAWANA BRAWLEY? I’m talking about a personal experience you freakin’ IDIOT!

      • Lawrence on said:

        Kimboo, who is the idiot now? DAMM Hair Hatted Hooigan, acting the fool again.
        -Get to steppin’

    • specialt757 on said:

      Tawana Brawley was a young lady who cried wolf (RAPE) and lied about it all the while publically humiliating Al Sharpton and a whole bunch of others who came to support her. Unfortunately, when someone does this is makes it harder for real victims to be believed. Although her case has nothing to do with the young lady in this story, people never let you forget. Just like we won’t forget about that Susan woman who strapped her kids in their car seats and drowned them in a lake and blamed a black man, also cried on TV in front of millions telling this big ass lie. So yeah, lying is not limited to one group of people, anyone can do it, and do it well.

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