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"Sinbad is a light source of love and joy for many generations," his family said in a statement.

Comedian Sinbad is bringing us together through laughter in these scary times. The legendary comic hit up Instagram to discuss a serious matter. According to him,  “dark white” people like him, Chris Brown, Ice T and we’ll add Tom Joyner to the mix, are being left out and pushed aside. In the video, Sinbad breaks […]

Tomorrow is the 25 anniversary of the TJMS and one person who can’t believe it is Sinbad! Bad says the TJMS has been such a big part of his life and career. The first time Bad was on the show he wasn’t even invited, he just showed up and waited outside of the station until […]

Sinbad is one of those people that looks like they’ve been the same age forever! Willie just has to know if he’s a “vampire!” Sinbad says that he’s defiantly aging, but “from the inside out!” His knees remind him that he’s getting older! He may be getting older but he’s still as busy as ever. […]

Sinbad is always working! He “live on the road” and does stand up, sitcoms, movies and radio, he stays busy because he loves “gigging!” Stand up might be his favorite simply because “it’s the only place they can’t sensor you!” Being on stage is so freeing and he says, “you live and die on the […]

Marriage is hard, so if there were a secret to making it easier wouldn’t you like to know? Sinbad stopped by the studio today and he has the answer. According to him, living apart is key. Sinbad and his wife were married, then divorced, and now married again. He admits that after they got remarried […]

The news of the Miami Dolphins suspending players for four games if they choose to take a knee during the national anthem is “ridiculous” to Sinbad. Sinbad sarcastically says that the issue is that we are being “unappreciative” and “uppity Negros.” They let us play football, they let us be a whole person, and now we’re […]

    What’s better than having hilarious jokes and jamming out to crazy good music? A tour with comedian Sinbad and musician Victor Wooton is The two are bringing their musical genius together to bring a show like no other. While traveling in China together, the two decided to put their talents together. “Man we ought to […]

Comedian Sinbad will play the lead role opposite Lil Rel Howery in the Fox comedy pilot Rel. A show that will be executivley produced by Jerrod Carmichael and Mike Scully. Deadline reports the show will be written by Howery, Josh Rabinowitz and Kevin Barnett based off of Howery’s life. The show follows Howery as a […]

Legendary comedian Sinbad isn’t afraid to call Trump out during his stand-up sets. While some comedians may steer clear, Sinbad is using his platform to call out the president  on his many mistakes, even in front of Trump supporters. He explained on the Tom Joyner Morning Show:     If you’re in the New York City […]

Big time comedian Sinbad has enough comedy material to last us until the world ends! “It’s easy, I ain’t got to write nothing. Man, I hope he (Trump) never loses his job. We gonna get blown up but I got material till we die,” explained Sinbad. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

05/12/17 – Sinbad stops by the New York studio to explain exactly what the “dark white tour” is. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.