Comedian Sinbad is bringing us together through laughter in these scary times.

The legendary comic hit up Instagram to discuss a serious matter. According to him,  “dark white” people like him, Chris Brown, Ice T and we’ll add Tom Joyner to the mix, are being left out and pushed aside.

In the video, Sinbad breaks down the “discrimination” his people are facing.

Check out the hilarious video below!

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The frustrations of a dark white man. It’s time to be seen. Tag your favorite Dark White and join the movement. If you’ve been hiding, we got your back. Memberships coming soon. #DarkWhiteChronicles #DarkWhiteMatters |#NotRedbone #NotLightskin #NotHighYellow #MaybeLiteBright #TooBlack #TooStrong #NoReparations #TheRevolutionWillBeTelevised | @icet @chrisbrownofficial @ava @lenawaithe @ijessewilliams @drivingdylan @therock @vindiesel @deraydavis @stephencurry30 @klaythompson @lionelrichie @smokeyrobinson @barackobama @dbook @traceeellisross @keeganmichaelkey @nicoleariparker @rashidajones @champagnepapi @kamalaharris @zoeisabellakravitz @prideofgypsies @sheilaedrummer @aarongordon @zachlavine8 @blakegriffin23 @soledadobrien @iamhalsey @flyjocktomjoyner @trevornoah @racheladolezal #TinaMarie #Prince

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