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The stealth attacks of clutter may be sabotaging your fitness goals. We get so used to it; we gradually ignore this insidious invader in our physical and mental lives. It slowly inches into our surrounding and thoughts, weeds of clutter that choke our creativity and strangle our productivity, sapping our energy. Physical Clutter: We leave […]

If you’re a fan of R&B Divas L.A., you may have seen the episode that featured the ladies marrying themselves in a ceremony.  They each had to take a deep look at the women they had become and decide if they were really worthy of self-love. The “Will I Marry Me,” exercise asked some thought-provoking […]

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Ever since I have started the WE MATTER Movement, I have been blessed with extraordinary opportunities to share my message. So instead of writing an article this week, I decided to share an extraordinary interview I did with Towanna Freeman, CEO of Black Life Coaches. We have a very candid, passionate, and fun conversation about […]

Life & Style

When you open your mouth, who is talking? Have you ever said: “I can’t afford…” “I don’t deserve…” “I don’t have the time to…”, particularly when it comes to your self-care? Do you find yourself spending money on your children, your company, or your cause FIRST, thus sacrificing your needs or at best, making do […]

Have you ever had someone stop by your house unexpectedly? It’s the worse when you’re not prepared for company. It’s embarrassing. You and your house look like a mess. Once you peak out of the window, you find yourself doing the house shuffle. You know: when you run as fast and quietly as you can […]

Designing and building your best life ever is not something you leave to happenstance. Just as you wouldn’t wake up one morning, decide to build a house and then just get to building. You need a PLAN. Architects are skilled in just that – planning. But architecture isn’t just limited to the construction of buildings. […]

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Andrea Helm’s help this week is one that we all deal with from day to day. Here is what she wants us to realize: There are things worth fixin’.  Are you handy? When something breaks around my house my husband’s first inclination is to throw it away. My mother, on the other hand, wants to […]