Ever since I have started the WE MATTER Movement, I have been blessed with extraordinary opportunities to share my message. So instead of writing an article this week, I decided to share an extraordinary interview I did with Towanna Freeman, CEO of Black Life Coaches. We have a very candid, passionate, and fun conversation about why BLACK WOMEN MATTER. It is the best interview I have ever done. Please view, share, and post. We are not only making history, we are defying it.

About the Author:

Dr. Venus Opal Reese is a staggeringly effective Business Mentor for black women, who’s in the business of teaching purpose-driven, high achieving sisters (who’ve walked through life’s fire) how to create, grow, or leverage a 6 or 7-figure business that is rooted in their worth. Because she too has walked through life’s fire—and turned it into a proven business model that generates millions for my clients—she knows what it takes to produce unprecedented results. Visit www.defyimpossible.com today for your free training and more information.

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