A satirical video promotes an alternative phone number to 911 for white people thinking about calling the cops on Black people for no good reason.

  Roseanne Barr makes it no secret that she openly supports Donald Trump and on the revival of her series, “Roseanne,” her character, Roseanne Conner, defends her decision for voting Trump. Despite all of that, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar argues in his latest column for The Hollywood Reporter that “Roseanne” is actually anti-an Trump show […]

If you think being the President is hard, imagine being Jesus. That’s the dilemma faced by Arkansas-born actor Gerald “Slink” Johnson, who plays Black Jesus on the Adult Swim show. The comedy, created by Boondocks writer/producer Aaron McGruder, which has predictably drawn protests from Christian groups is  meant to be taken lightly, though some folks […]

As we previously reported, after spending the better part of two years trying to come back from an awful tear to his ACL in his…