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If you think being the President is hard, imagine being Jesus. That’s the dilemma faced by Arkansas-born actor Gerald “Slink” Johnson, who plays Black Jesus on the Adult Swim show. The comedy, created by Boondocks writer/producer Aaron McGruder, which has predictably drawn protests from Christian groups is  meant to be taken lightly, though some folks don’t quite see it that way.

Johnson says he approached the role as any actor/comedian would, trying to do the best he can with the role.

“It’s satire. It’s comedy. We’re having fun with it. The ratings are great. I really want to thank the fans. It’s Adult Swim’s number one show,” Johnson says. “I really want to thank the fans for the support.”

Tom Joyner is one of the show’s famous fans – he says he doesn’t miss a show, and in fact, watches them twice. Johnson says that although he’s poking fun as JC, it’s not because he’s not a believer himself.

“I believe in God,” he says. “I come from the Bible Belt. I come from sanctified church.”

Like most shows on Adult Swim lineup, Johnson says it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“It’s a lighthearted show. We”re not bringing fire and brimstone. We’re bringing laughs, heart and love. Just check it out.”

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