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Coronavirus may have taken over everyone’s life making it uncomfortable to be stuck in the house looking at your partner all day but there could be a silver lining.  The first few days are all about relaxation and being excited about spending time together.  Once that feeling wears off, it could get tough. LIKE US […]

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It’s been rumored that Keshia Knight-Pulliam was dating fellow actor Brad James and by the looks of a recent social media post, it’s true. 

Do you and your boo argue more than normal? Odds are you’re arguing for a common reason. Most couples argue over parenting styles, the in-laws, money and unmet expectations. Sometimes you may just be tired, or not communicating enough. So, listen to the sudio above and then try to figure out if one of those […]

Some things about men just drive women absolutely crazy….in a good way! Big muscles, being a good listener and being able to make a decision, all drive women crazy. But, not all men have these  attractive qualities, listen to the audio above and see how many of these apply to you.

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. But, there are some definite positive things that come with being in an interracial relationship. Being with someone who is of a different race is that you get to see the world from a different perspective. In turn you learn things and see things that you may have […]

Meeting bae’s parents can be terrifying for many people. There are some funny first that can come with visiting your boyfriend’s parents. The first time you all go to church together can be an interesting outing. And on the completely opposite side of the spectrum, the first time they see you drunk. Tell us your […]

Have you been contemplating divorce lately? DL has the top ten most insane reasons that people get divorced like, the in laws are annoying, or if your friends suggest it. Some people actually get divorced because they get bored or because they’re ready for an upgrade. Listen to the audio above and if your reason […]

Are you trying to have a baby? If so there are a few simple things you can do to help boost your man’s fertility.  One thing you can have him do is take some ginseng and exercise more. You can also try a different lube, the one you have may be killing his sperm. Hear the […]

When you meet someone new and start dating how long should you wait before getting physical? Everyone has different views on this issue so the conversation is hilarious! Of course God’s way is the best way and we should all wait until marriage, but it doesn’t always work out that way. HEAD BACK TO THE […]

Even though the day is called National Boyfriend Day, Guy advises men to flip it and make today all about their lady. Women love to talk he says, so “let her run her mouth for a while!” Let her talk about whatever she wants “until you’re blue in the face.” Or get her a gift […]

If you think your man may be a workaholic, there are a few tell tell signs to look for. If he takes forever to call you back ,like 12 hours, he might be a workaholic. If you go on vacation and catch bae looking at his laptop or phone, he’s probably working! Jazzy points out […]

There are some things that only men find romantic, like proposing in super public places, such as a sporting event. And have you ever had a man walk with his hand in your back pocket? It just makes walking harder! Women do want their men to be romantic but these 10 things just don’t count. […]