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Dear Tom,

I would like to nominate my husband, Keith Cordier for your real father real man. Keith was born and raised in New Orleans. In 1982 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served three tours in japan.

No matter where he was stationed, he kept up with his saints. In 1996 he was given orders to relocate to Kansas City Missouri.  Less than a year later we met and he became a true father to my son.  Less than a year later he was awarded custody of his son from a previous marriage.  In 1999, we married and welcomed our son into our “new” family. Keith continued in the Marine Corps until his retirement in 2002.

Prior to retirement Keith accepted his call into the ministry and continued to go to college.  Many days I wondered how he could be a full time dad, husband, student and minister. Our life was good and our three boys were doing great. Then Katrina hit.

Finally, two days after the storm we found out all of his family members had survived. After depleting our savings and maxing out our credit cards, we got all 22 family members to Kansas City and opened our home to all of them. You can only imagine how crowded our home was for the first four weeks.  They were here including two babies that were born within the first three weeks they arrived.

Keith has always been a kind, loving man. He makes sure that he is there for everyone, our sons, his congregation, and his friends. There are many days I continue to wonder how he does it.  But once again it is his faith in God that he is everything to all.

Mr. Joyner through it all Keith continues to be a huge Saints fan. The year they won the super bowl, I surprised him and created his “Saints man cave” which our boys have taken over. We will be in New Orleans to visit his family during the Christmas holidays. He has been a Saints fan and never gone to a home game if you could provide him with tickets to the saints last home game of the season it would truly make him so very happy.

Keith gives so much to everyone, I hope you can provide him with a lifelong dream for a real father, real man, real pastor, real veteran, real husband, and real friend!

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