D.L. got to talk to who he calls one of his favorite politicians right now New York Mayor Bill De Blasio. He won re-election in the city for his second term. Before jumping into politics, Hughley had to share the pain in sometime being married to a Black woman. “I’m like, ‘only bad things are […]

In April of 2014, the nation was hit with the devastating news of the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan that affected thousands in the town through water poisoning which caused disease and even death. Three years later we wonder how has Flint, Michigan come back? Mayor Karen Weaver provides an update on the water crisis and […]

  In 2014, residents of Flint, Michigan were the victims of a terrible water contamination in their city’s water system. Three years later the city has been able to make great progress thanks to work of Mayor Karen Weaver. Up for re-election on November 7, embattled Flint, MI Mayor Karen Weaver talks with our very own […]