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In April of 2014, the nation was hit with the devastating news of the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan that affected thousands in the town through water poisoning which caused disease and even death.

Three years later we wonder how has Flint, Michigan come back? Mayor Karen Weaver provides an update on the water crisis and her upcoming re-election.

“If Flint is forgotten, we know that there are so many Flint’s across this country, ” expressed Mayor Weaver.

Up for re-election, she is concerned about the people of Flint and getting things done after the water crisis. “I was fighting for it before I became mayor. I knew first hand what lead does to young children and how it impacts the family,” explained Mayor Weaver.

According to Mayor Weaver, 67% of Flint consist of African-Americans and she’s strongly encouraging them to come out and vote.

For an in-depth interview with Mayor Karen Weaver, click here for Sybil Wilkes’ talk with the mayor.

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