21-year-old Memphis rapper NLE Choppa joined "My First Time" this week to give us the official story on where his love for sea moss began.

During the interview NLE had a recurrence of his "Life is..." viral quote. What was he really talking about? NLE Choppa breaks it down in this interview...

"Shotta Flow" emcee NLE Choppa made a much-needed return to POTC for a check in with Incognito and DJ Misses on his latest ventures.

DJ Misses and Incognito kicked it with NLE Choppa at ATL's Slutty Vegan to discuss his own vegan journey and X-rated single, "Slut Me Out."

Posted On The Corner

Posted On The Corner's own DJ Misses spoke Choppa at his album listening party and he broke down the Atlanta airport scuffle in his own works. He also talks about the new love in his life.