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Memphis-bred rapper NLE Choppa has only been in the rap game on a mainstream scale for three years now, but his confident charisma combined with strong lyrical talent will have you thinking he’s a veteran out here.

With a handful of new singles currently going viral, the “Shotta Flow” emcee made a much-needed return to the POTC studio to check in with Incognito and DJ Misses.



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In an extended chat with the crew, NLE Choppa spoke in detail about a bunch of different projects he hopes to accomplish outside of making hit music. One of those happens to be putting more reading programs in schools to encourage literacy amongst the youth. He also spoke about where his music might go next, and even expressed interesting in getting back to “old school producers” in the vain of Dr. Dre.

Watch the full interview with NLE Choppa below on Posted On The Corner: