Dating as a mom is tricky! But there are some things that are clear deal breakers. So when he does these things Myra J says “swipe left.” If he takes you out to dinner at a restaurant where the employees have a “two tooth minimum,” swipe left! If he trys to talk to you on […]

When you friends or family ask you to babysit their bad kids what do you say? Myra J says when you have to tell someone their kids are bad it’s like a, “shock attack.” People with bad kids usually have no idea their kids are bad…so you have to be subtle about it. Ask them […]

Today the Tom Joyner Morning Show turns 25! Myra J was one of the original TJMS cast members. She did “tips for the single mom” and was a part of the team that produced the on air soap opera, “It’s Your World.” Before the show aired Tom brought his crew to Jamaica to brainstorm for […]

Myra J’s tips for the single moms were always helpful! In this throwback she gave advice making sure they know the meaning of names that they choose for their kids. Lot’s of Black people give their children’s names from Africa, and have no idea what they mean. Like Kwame, this is a male name from […]

It’s Friday eve! Kym and Sherri are both off today shooting their TV shows, but we have Myra J & Terri J Vaughn in the funny chair. Tom says that Kym made it to the finals in the cooking competition that she’s shooting. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  LIKE US […]

When your child throws a tantrum, how do you handle it? Myra J says that you have to, “master the Ike Turner look,” and talk between your teeth so nobody can hear you. Sherri says that just like her mom did, she pinches her son on the inside of his arm. Myra calls this the […]

Sherri’s back from promoting her new show and Myra J is in for Kym Whitley. The show that Sherri was promoting, Trial And Error premieres tonight and everyone at the TJMS is so proud of her!  Sherri worked long hours filming and also on the TJMS for months! You can catch Sherri tonight on NBC. READ […]

Both ladies agree that you can give your child a debit card at any age. Myra says, as long as they’re old enough to start working. Dominique says the balance should match the age, “if you’re 12 you get $12.” And she thinks that you should make sure they always keep some cash on them. […]

Yesterday Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin in a private meeting. The secrecy surrounding their meeting has many people feeling uncomfortable. Sybil shares her feelings about the situation. In the funny chair we have Myra J. and Dominique because Kym and Sherri are out today working on their TV shows. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN […]

In celebrating 25 years of the Tom Joyner Morning Show this week we’re looking back at the bar room arguments! Tom and Sybil remember the ridiculous and politically incorrect arguments they’d have for fun with Myra J and Ms. Dupree. How else would you talk in a bar? READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE […]

  Longtime friend of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Myra J talks to the crew about where she was when she heard the news of Prince‘s death, her favorite song and the time she got to take the stage with the legend. On seeing his last show in Atlanta: “I went to the first show. It […]


Myra J…. WAR headlined the 2am concert Monday morning but before we knew it, comedian Myra J grabbed the mic and took over the show. See the clip below. Find more content from the 2015 Fantastic Voyage here. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.