Morgan Freeman and University of Mississippi Professor Linda Keena donated $1 million to the school to launch a legal studies center that focuses on policing.

Amazon Prime Video debuted the official trailer for the highly anticipated Amazon Original anthology series Solos. The seven-part anthology series explores the strange yet beautiful truths of what it means to be a human being.

NEW YORK (AP) — A man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the fatal stabbing of actor Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter in New York City. Prosecutors say 33-year-old Lamar Davenport stabbed his girlfriend E’Dena Hines multiple times in August 2015 while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Davenport issued an apology during […]

Actress Suzanne Somers is standing with Morgan Freeman amid the actor’s multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, insisting the veteran actor is just a “flirt.” The 81-year-old star was accused of sexual misconduct as part of a CNN report in May, with accounts from 16 people, eight of whom were reportedly victims of his so-called “flirting,” suggesting he had acted […]

Robert M. Schwartz, Freeman's lawyer, sent a letter to CNN president Jeff Zucker asking the network to apologize to the actor over the accusations.

The Oscar-winning actor claims that he is "devastated that 80 years of my life are at risk of being undermined."

The 80-year-old actor faces multiple accusations of inappropriate behavior and harrasment.

Attorneys defending Lamar Davenport, the man accused of stabbing to death Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter, introduced evidence of text message exchanges in which the victim talked about her “grandpa feelings.” “E’Dena Hines disclosed to Davenport and others that her grandfather engaged in a sexually inappropriate relationship with her,” Davenport’s lawyer Annie Costanzo told the court on […]

The dying words of Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter to her killer were, “Why are you doing this?” as he knifed her in the middle of a Manhattan street, a witness revealed Tuesday— adding that she and her friends were too sacred to intervene. According to the New York Post, E’Dena Hines was just getting reconnected with […]

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In honor of National Cat Day on October 29, here are Black celebrities that love cats!