As the debate rages once again, look at a list below of iconic Black comedians and actors who donned a dress.


Former NFLer Vernon Davis has been offered a role in a John Travolta and Martin Lawrence film.

From wishful thinking to a few that could actually work, we chose 13 Black entertainers that would make amazing podcast hosts.

Martin Lawrence revealed in his recent 'Ebony' cover story that 'Bad Boys 4' is on the way and will definitely include Will Smith.

A date has officially been set for the 'Martin' cast reunion airing in June on BET+ to commemorate 25 years since the series finale.

Over 25 years and two successful sequels later, with a fourth currently in pre-production, 'Bad Boys' director Michael Bay says the $840 million franchise's longtime distributor Sony Pictures originally didn't think it would even be a success with two Black actors in the leading roles.

To celebrate 30 years since the premiere episode of fan-favorite '90s sitcom 'Martin,' BET+ will soon be hosting a reunion special featuring all the surviving cast members set to premiere later this year.

We pay tribute to 20 of the best Black comedians in the biz over the years in honor of the countless times they've kept us in stitches.

Martin Lawrence oldest daughter, Jasmine Lawrence has been breaking necks with her stunning looks!


If you’re a longtime fan of the old Fox sitcom “Martin” and wondered what became of talks for a revival, former star Tisha Campbell says you can blame the busy schedules of the cast for the delay in progress. “Everybody’s working their behinds off,” she said in an exclusive interview with “Entertainment Tonight” recently. “So we’re all trying […]


a new interview, Bad Boys For Life star Martin Lawrence opened up about coming back into the spotlight to act, and the struggles he dealt with at the height of his career. If you’ll recall, Lawrence found himself going through a public breakdown in the mid-90s, brandishing a weapon in the middle of traffic in LA, claiming someone was […]


Earlier this week, a now-iconic photo above of Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Wesley Snipes on  was met with nothing but praises. Many thought it was just one of those things that happen in Hollywood. “Nothing to see here…” Smith captioned the pic, which was taken on the grounds of Tyler Perry’s studio in Atlanta. SIGN UP FOR […]